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    Performing initial setup of the camera

    After purchasing the camera, you can perform initial setup of the camera, such as date and time setting, from your smartphone.
    Here, we explain the process from first turning on the camera after purchasing it. If you perform setup later, view the respective relevant items.

    • The screens and wording displayed vary depending on your camera.
    • smartphone icon: smartphone operation
    • camera icon: camera operation
    1. camera iconTurn on the camera.
    2. camera iconFollow the on-screen instructions, and on the [Connect Smartphone] screen, select [Connect a smartphone].
      Screen of the camera to connect the camera to the smartphone. Connect the smartphone. This will simplify camera initial setup, and you can use a wide variety of functions, such as image transfer. There are the "Connect a smartphone." and "Do not connect" options, and "Connect a smartphone." is highlighted.
    3. camera iconFollow the instructions on the screen to set [Bluetooth Settings] to [On].
    4. smartphone iconWhen a QR code is displayed on the camera, scan it using the smartphone.
      • When you cannot connect by the QR code, open the following website from a browser or enter this URL.
      Creators' App screen of the camera. Launch the app and perform pairing of the camera. Device name. The QR code and "Click here to install" are highlighted.
    5. smartphone iconFollow the instructions on the screen to install Creators' App.
    6. smartphone iconLaunch Creators' App, and select [Start connecting] from the [Connect camera] screen.
      Camera connection screen of the smartphone. There are "Start connecting" and "Use the app without connecting" options, and "Start connecting" is highlighted.
    7. smartphone icon Select [Next] and proceed in accordance with the directions on the screen.
      • The devices will be connected (paired) over Bluetooth. Enable Bluetooth Settings on your smartphone.
    8. smartphone iconWhen the camera name appears, select [Connect], and then follow the on-screen instructions to connect the devices.
      Camera connection screen of the smartphone. The name of the camera is displayed, and "Connect" is displayed next to it.
    9. camera iconOn the camera, when [Connect Smartphone] or [Allow pairing with the device?] is displayed, select [OK].
      • The camera is connected to the Creators' App.
      • On the smartphone side as well, a message requesting permission for the pairing may be displayed.
      • On the smartphone, when the [Connection completed] message is displayed, the connection is complete.
      Pairing screen. There are "OK" and "Cancel" options, and "OK" is highlighted.
    10. smartphone iconCheck the date and time, etc., on the [Initial camera settings] screen, and if there is no problem, select [Set up].
      • The date and time information on the smartphone is transferred to the camera.
    11. smartphone icon(Certain models only) On the [Camera Wi-Fi settings] screen, select the access point to connect to and enter the password as needed.
      • Once you have completed the access point settings, camera images can be imported to Creators' App and then uploaded to the cloud while your smartphone is connected to the internet. The devices connect via the access point if it is available. If not, a direct connection is established automatically.
      • If you select [Skip], don't forget to complete those settings later from the camera menu.
      • This screen is not displayed unless your camera supports this feature. Go to the next step.
    12. smartphone iconOn the [Welcome to Creators' Cloud membership] screen, select [Sign up for an account], and register your Creators' Cloud membership.
      • Once you register, you will receive the latest information about your camera.
      • If you select [Register later], register later from (User Information) on (Home screen).

    Camera connection icon

    If you perform pairing of the camera and Creators' App with the Bluetooth function, later you can simply launch the Creators' App to connect the camera and the smartphone by Wi-Fi connection using Bluetooth. You can confirm the connection status from the camera monitor in the following way.

    • Dark Bluetooth icon Bluetooth connected
    • Light Bluetooth icon Bluetooth not connected
    • White Wi-Fi icon Wi-Fi connected
    • Gray Wi-Fi icon Wi-Fi not connected
    Bluetooth icon and Wi-Fi icon on the Camera Screen are highlighted.